This DNA project is open to members of any family with Hadley, Headley, Hadleigh, Headlee, Hedley, Hatley, or similar surnames. The goal of the project is to use the DNA test results to confirm the conventional research done by participants (and others) and to find new information about these families. (On this site, we'll use “Hadley” to represent this group of names; it gets really confusing to list them all every time.)

What's this all about? DNA testing can be a valuable tool in genealogical research when it is combined with conventional research. Test results can be used to confirm a suspected connection between two people or disprove a connection. Although it is impossible to pinpoint a common ancestor from the test results alone, with a proper paper trail you may be able to do so.

Several Hadley researchers, representing different Hadley lines, decided to start a Worldwide Hadley DNA project back in 2003. We believe that this project can greatly enhance our research and the research of other Hadley researchers. We believe that DNA testing is now available, reliable, confidential, and affordable.

Don't let the scientific terminology scare you off. You don't need to know the buzz words. For our purposes, there are only a few things you need to know, and this is provided with your test results.

After checking out several DNA testing services, we have selected Family Tree DNA as our testing service. They are used by a large, and growing, number of family genealogy groups, have a good reputation according to these groups, and meet all our requirements for results, price, support, etc. And there is no blood involved. Samples are gathered by scraping the inside of your mouth with a toothbrush-looking thing that is provided as part of the process.

For more background information, go to the Family Tree DNA web site and the DNA-101 writeup at the Blair Genealogy site (one of Family Tree DNA's participants).

We Want You to Participate

The more Hadleys that participate, the more useful the results are for all of us. Here's how.